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We hope you will find our website informative and user friendly. When you select one of the sites in the "Links" section you can travel to various sources of data, such as Government of Canada securities programs, Government of Ontario, The Fund Library, and Globefund.

Most importantly, you can access an up-to-date personal statement for your accounts via Winfund, a secure server. Simply select the Client Accounts Link and follow the instrunctions. Balances are updated daily at 7:30AM for the previous day's closing to ensure accuracy.

If you want an in-depth commentary on a topic or simply the answer to a question, you can find our information in the Contact Us section.

Our enthusiastic team of advisors has a long history together. Originally under the Balanced Planning Investments banner and later through corporate acquisition name changes, our team has remained strong. Together we have determined that we will have a voice through partial ownership. Our partnership with Equity Associates now allows us to better serve our independent advisors and subsequently their clients.
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